Monday, March 10, 2008

Sermon Skeleton on Psalm 23

Here is my sermon skeleton from yesterday's message on Psalm 23. The audio of the message should be on the MSMBC website some time this week.

Title: "Living with Confidence in God"

Text: Psalm 23

Theme: A song of confident trust in the Lord

Point: God is worthy of your trust.

Purpose: The purpose of this message is to exhort end encourage the hearer to live with confidence in the Lord, because he is worthy of our complete trust.


I. The Lord watches over those who trust him (23:2-3)

A. The Lord watches over the physical needs of those who trust in him (v. 2)

1. The Lord provides nourishment (v. 2a)

2. The Lord provides refreshment (v. 2b)

B. The Lord watches over the spiritual needs of those who trust in him (v. 3)

1. The Lord gives restoration to those who stray away (v. 3a)

2. The Lord gives guidance to keep you from straying away (v. 3b)

II. The Lord walks with those who trust him (23:4)

A. Your trust in God will not keep you from going through the valleys of life (v. 4a)

B. Your trust in God will keep you from living in fear of the dangers that threaten you in the valley (v. 4b)

1. The Lord is present to help you.

2. The Lord is prepared to help you.

III. The Lord welcomes in those who trust him (23:5-6)

A. You can live in the abundance of God's generous hospitality (v. 5)

1. Look at my enemies (v. 5a)

2. Look at my head (v. 5b)

3. Look at my cup (v. 5c)

B. You can live with the expectation of God's continued hospitality (v. 6)

1. God's hospitality continues everyday (v. 6a)

2. God's hospitality continues forever (v. 6b)