Sunday, June 14, 2009

Notes from Sunday -06/14/09

We had a good day in worship and fellowship at the Shiloh Church today.

We recognized our 2009 graduates in our 10 AM service today. And after the service, there was a luncheon for the graduates and their families. I was glad to attend.

We had quite a few guests in worship with us today. A family rejoice. A class reunion. And worship studies class members. It was a joy to have them fellowship with us in worship.

I missed my New Members Class today.

I ditched my study of Philippians this week and preached from Romans 5:3-5. I entitled the message, "We Rejoice in our Sufferings."

Romans 5:3-5 is a passage of scripture that means a lot to me personally. I was introduced to it at the age of sixteen, about two months after my father died. I was preparing to go home from Louisville, where I had been preaching. And I had bought of book that week that I skimmed as I waited for my flight. There was a reference to Romans 5:3-5 in it, entitled, "Blessed Fruit from a Bitter Tree." When I read that passage, I was both challenged and comforted by it at the same time. It has been dear to me every since.

Friday morning, my heart became heavy after receiving bad news. As I paced the floor, Romans 5:3-5 came to my mind. And I was not able to shake it all weekend. I really did not want to break my series. But I am glad that I was obedient and preached what the Lord placed on my heart.

I am really looking forward to getting back to Philippians next week - Philippians 1:22-26.

Praise God for those who received Christ and were added to the church today.

I said it. And I meant it. I do not believe you can be godly person if you rejoice in the downfall of a man of God.

I miss Crystal and the kids terribly.

Does anyone have enough faith to pick the Magic to win tonight?