Friday, January 13, 2012

All-Night Prayer Meeting Tonight at Shiloh

This is Prayer Emphasis Week at Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church.

We are climaxing it with an All-Night Prayer Meeting. It begins tonight at 10 PM and will last through 6 AM.

The Psalms frequently mention praying to God in the night watches. Jesus spent all night seeking the will of the Father. Throughout church history, devout Christians have set times where they have sacrificed sleep for prayer.

We are gathering as a church family for a night of prayer to call on God for a special work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We are also asking for the favor of the Lord on our church and revival in our city and nation.

Each member is asked to spend at least one hour to join nus for this tie of prayer, praise, fellowship, study, and meditation.

Childcare will be available. Breakfast will be served when we conclude at 6 AM.

Join us.

Pray for us.