Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Partnership in the Gospel

Here is my sermon skeleton from Sunday's message. It is the second in a yet-to-be-determined series of expositions through the book for Philippians. This message is based on an introductory section on the letter, in which Paul offers thanksgiving to God for the church at Philippi.

: “Partnership in the Gospel”

TEXT: Philippians 1:3-8


THEME: Partnership in the Gospel

POINT: The church of Jesus Christ ought to be lovingly bound together in partnership in the gospel.

TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE: Paul’s thanksgiving in Philippians 1:3-8 teaches us three dynamics of partnership in the gospel.


I.    The affirmation of gospel partnership (1:3-5)

     A.    Affirmation with thanksgiving (v. 3)

     B.    Affirmation in prayer (v. 4)

    C.    Affirmation because of partnership with the gospel (v. 6)

II.    The assurance of gospel partnership (1:6)

    A.    God has begun a good work in you.

    B.    God will complete what he has started in you.

III.    The affection of gospel partnership (1:7-8)

    A.    Affection rooted in Christian love (v. 7)

        1.    The place of Christian love

        2.    The basis of Christian love

        3.    The extent of Christian love

    B.    Affection rooted in Christian longing (v. 8)