Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hanging from a Homiletical Rollercoaster

Last weekend, I read about a rollercoaster that was stuck on an upside-down turn, leaving its passengers stranded for some thirty minutes. I think I know how they feel. I am going through the same thing concerning my preaching. The struggle continues. Last week, I worked on a passage from Ephesians to preach. But I was not able to put my study into preachable form. So Saturday afternoon, I made some calls to have one of the guys preach in my place on Sunday morning. But when I woke up Sunday, a message from Hebrews took shape as I prepared for worship. And I said I would just take a shot at it in the 8 AM service. Then I took another shot at it in the second service. I will be glad when I get some point of stability in my sermon preparation. But until then, I praise God for holding me up as I continue to hang upside-down from this rollercoaster. Here is the sermon skeleton from Sunday's message:

Title: "Being Fit for the Finish Line"

Text: Hebrews 12:1-2

Theme: The perseverance of the saints

Point: Stay in the race.


  1. Run with assurance
  2. Run with discipline
    1. Lay aside the sins that hinder your spiritual progress
    2. Lay aside the weights that hinder your spiritual progress
  3. Run with endurance
  4. Run with focus
    1. Focus on Jesus because of who he is
    2. Focus on Jesus because of what he has done
    3. Focus on Jesus because of where he resides