Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday Stuff

- It was pouring down raining Sunday morning. I drove to church expecting very few of our congregation to be present. I was pleasantly surprised.

- For the third Sunday in a row, my wife was not able to go to church. I am glad she is getting her rest and that our baby is doing fine. But I really miss being in worship with her. And yesterday, for some reason, it was particularly hard for me.

- I listened to the song, "I will Sing Praises" on an older album I have - "A Change Will Come" by Rev. Ernest Davis Jr.'s Wilmington Chester Mass Choir. Boy did this song hit the spot and help me to get ready for worship.

- I continued my series on "Total-Life Stewardship." It was the next to last message of the series, on "The Stewardship of your Gifts."

- In the afternoon, I preached the 5th pastoral anniversary for Barry Wilson at the New Life Christian Fellowship. Barry and I started preaching together, were ordained together, and have been friends for years.

- I preached one of the petitions of the Lord's Prayer yesterday afternoon. I preached about through the Lord's Prayer about nine years ago. And it has been more than five years, at least, since I last preached from the Lord's Prayer. What a fool i am!

- R.I.P. Omar!!!